Rainforest Depletion

Rainforest Deforestation and Depletion

Did anyone ever know that rainforests are denuded at the rate of 8,000 acres per hour? It is indeed a surprising fact that our green lands are abolished at such a rapid rate; and do people know what the detrimental effects could be? Well, the answer may be a mixture of a yes and a no. Others may believe that the premise to a dying world is true, while others deny the fact that such things could really take place.

Deforestation effects everyone

However, in issues like this, people must believe only in one thing, and that is: rainforest deforestation is going over a higher speed and its damaging effects are almost unstoppable.

We talk of deforestation everyday yet we failed to notice its fast coming pace. Perhaps it is due to man’s negligence that people can continue destroying without seeing the potential effects their acts could bring. Man could only possibly regret when things are affecting them in such a way that it becomes a disturbance to a good life. By seeing and hearing the probable outcomes of deforestation, one must take sides in selecting between good and evil. In choosing one, remember not to make regrets about your preferences.

Rainforest: An Essence To The World

With the 4 billion people living in the tropical areas of the world, much of our green resources have been bargained for. The rainforests of the world are literally disappearing in a swift stride to supply for food, fuel and other reserves and to make room for the expanding population. Since the world is rapidly increasing in the number of people, the need for the basics is called all the more.

The rainforests offer abundance not only in terms of human supply for food, but through other means as well. Say for example the plants which have evolved through time in special mechanisms and have now shown essentialities with regards to medical practice.

devastating effects of land clearance

Native people from all over the world have known about the healing properties of the plants hiding in rainforests; and it is only during the World War II that medicinal plants were proven to cure various diseases. Unbeknownst to many, almost half of the medicinal cure for cancer has been found in the world’s most popular forests. People should then likely protect the world’s remaining medicinal storehouses for future use and consumption.

How To Preserve The Remaining Forests

Rainforests can be dealt with efficiently without jeopardizing rare species of both the plant and animal kingdom. Also, it can be effectively managed without having to risk the global environment. For example, the government can always choose to prohibit companies that harvest old growth rainforests, and in other forests they can allow cutting of trees to a certain extent, but they should also be required to plant new ones after cutting down the old trees.

this beauty must be saved

The government can also ensure the creation of reservation areas where logging and hunting are prohibited. As one world, people must be cautious not to disrupt the environment in any way since we will be needing them by all means in the future.

Rainforest deforestation disturbs the balance of our ecosystem. As a result to such disruption, the world may suffer from nature’s retaliation. If people do not want to experience the revenge of our biological world, we must do all measures so as not to provoke it.

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Think Green Be Green

Think Green Be Green

It hardly seems conceivable that anything you can do will have any effect on the earth. To think that starting your car and letting it run for a couple of minutes to get it warm, or turning down the air conditioner a little more than is needed – just to be “extra cool”, has any effect on the earth’s pulse, but when you multiply that millions and millions of times, there’s no doubt that it has a serious effect.

It's time to start thinking gree

By the year 2050 the United Nations predicts that the world population will exceed 9 billion. And as more and more people ascend out of poverty, there will be tremendous pressure on the environment. Try multiplying those little difference by billions now and you see just how important those little things really add up too.

Simple things that we do, or even what we don’t do, have any sort of effect on our earth’s precious atmosphere.

How many days a week do you go to the coffee shop and get your cappuccino in a paper or cardboard cup?

You might have thought about how many years it takes for that cup to decompose, but have you thought about the energy that went into the production and transportation of that cup?

Multiply that by billions….

reduce, reuse, recycle - it's time to start doing the right thing

Do you reduce, re-use and recycle?

Make it a goal to reduce the amount of garbage you produce by recycling and composting. Your local council will provide you with a list of what items to separate for recycling. Every item that you can re-use or recycle is one less item in the landfill.

Actually remembering to take them from your car and into the store is the hardest part, but once you get into the habit, it becomes second nature.

say no to plastic bags

Resolve to not accept plastic bags in a store. Traveling in a petrol-powered vehicle as little as possible is a great way to conserve. Walk or bike whenever and wherever you can; it will help the planet and your health. If you live in the city, use public transportation. Likewise, if you live in the country, carpool to work and instead of making several trips a week to run errands, save them for one trip.

If you take the time to think about what you do day by day, and how you can do those things a little differently, you may find yourself not only helping the planet, but helping your wallet. Wait until a full load of dishes or laundry before turning those machines on; cut your shower by two minutes, heck even a minute will help; switch to energy-saving light bulbs; turn your fridge and air-con up by a single degree, (24 degrees celsius is recommended) and turning off your electronic devices at night are all painless ways to help.

mother earth is all we have

Challenge yourself to think before you act for a couple of days and you will be surprised at how easy it is to begin the process of going green.

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Truly Natural Beauty

Truly Natural Beauty

People everywhere around the world are literally dying to know natural beauty secrets. As they go under the knife for one plastic surgery after another, they risk their lives and their bodies in an attempt to appear naturally beautiful. Little thought is given to how a botched surgery can affect them or their loved ones down the road. All they can think of is this unrealistic image of what’s considered beautiful that they have in the heads thanks to the media and advertising.

everyone is beautiful

The truth is, natural beauty secrets are not really all that secret.

Everywhere a person looks, they can find all natural ways to become someone that is truly beautiful instead of trying to imitate a digitally airbrushed and otherwise changed photograph from an ad in a magazine. A couple of the biggest secrets entail nothing more than loving yourself for precisely who you are, perceived imperfections and all.

There are so many benefits of natural beauty secrets. If you make the decision to love yourself for exactly who you are and make an effort to do so daily, your self confidence will soar. If you are happy with who you are, you will be a happier person.

If you’re a happier person, your interactions with others will be more pleasant. If you treat others more kindly, they will also be happier. The world could literally be a better place if everyone decided to love themselves; instead of aspiring to be something no normal person (without airbrushing, lighting, camera angles, personal trainers, makeup artists blah blah blah) could ever be.

natural beauty lies within you

Everyone wants a better quality of life.

For some people, they feel that if they just looked like that model or such-and-such celebrity, they would have everything they could possibly want and more. They feel that sort of beauty will open doors for them. In reality, while beauty might open a few doors, those doors will quickly be shut if you’re ugly on the inside. A person who is dedicated to getting what they want and feel they deserve, will go much farther in this world than one who relies on good looks alone.

Another benefit of the natural beauty secret of being happy with who you are is, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you only have yourself. If you don’t like yourself as a person, you can’t expect anyone else to like you, either. While some may immediately be drawn to you because of your perceived beauty, they will quickly leave once they realise how poisonous your personality is. You’ll wind up alone, with only a mirror for company.

beauty lies within you, just love who you are

Stop letting others dictate what you should wear, how you should look, or how you should act!

Don’t let people who don’t even know you tell you what to do with your life and body!
The media and advertising executives don’t know who you are.
They don’t even know you exist.
Make the choice to do what’s best for you.

That is the real natural beauty secret.

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Natural Skin Care

An Insider’s Guide to Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care products may be the answer if you are concerned about the chemicals in most commercial cosmetic products. Some of these chemicals may be toxic enough to actually accelerate the aging process, which is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with your skin care. Even in these days of increased regulation and consumer watchdog groups, there are a number of new products introduced each year that still contain damaging chemicals.

Natural skin care

Almost nine hundred toxic chemicals have been found in commercial cosmetic products by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The United States Cancer Coalition has stated that cosmetic and personal care products pose a higher threat of cancer than even smoking cigarettes. Compounding the problem is the vast amount of incorrect information distributed by marketing departments to attract new customers.

Everything that you put on the surface of your skin is absorbed into your skins pores and gets into the bloodstream. The circulation of the blood distributes the toxins throughout the entire body, causing damage to internal organs as well as the skin. Since all of these products enter your body, you should analyze the labels on your cosmetic products the same way you would with labels on food. Of course, choosing only natural skin care products eliminates the problem of toxins altogether.

Once the toxins get into your bloodstream, it forces your body to work much harder than usual in an effort to get rid of them. The liver is responsible for most of this clean up, but it can only handle so much before health problems will set in. The liver is a key part of the body’s immune system and should be treated with care. Liver problems can cause major health issues such as auto-immune diseases, asthma, continual infections, and allergies.

Using natural ingredients can avoid these toxicity problems. The body recognizes natural skin care products as organic matter to be processed, not as a toxic threat that must be eliminated. Many of these products are made out of plant matter which contains the same basic vitamins and minerals as the ones already present in our bodies. Synthetic chemicals may be seen by the body as toxic and the immune system will react against them.

You can exfoliate with a gentle material such as crushed oatmeal, table sugar, or baking soda. Make exfoliating a regular part of your daily skin care routine and you will see much more life and bounce in your appearance. Other natural substances that may be useful for skin care include honey, egg whites, olive oil, bananas, and avocado. Be creative and use of some of the common items you have in your kitchen to give you softer, smoother skin.

How do you know which natural skin care products are actually safe? Some products are labeled as “100% natural” when they still contain chemicals and toxins. The only way to be completely sure is to look at the list of ingredients on the package. Dyes, fragrances, and synthetic preservatives can all be found in these “natural” skin care products.

All of the products in our stores, are safe from toxic products.

Try some today….

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Featured Ethikl Designer

Meet Nick Feint from Stone Arrow

Nick Feint makes a variety of Jewellery from Silver, Copper, Paua, Jade and lately from glass from recycled bottles. His range of eco glass earrings are rapidly becoming his best selling designs.


Stone Arrow Upcycled Glass Earings

I have very strong beliefs in being Socially and Environmentally sustainable. I live on an Intentional Community in New Zealand surrounded by nature and an Environmental ethos is part of my personal as well as my business life. My defining moment came when I realized the more the business grows the more chance it has to contribute back to society. StoneArrow donates a portion of its profits to charity and takes more and more of its materials directly from the waste stream.

recycled bottle

My commitment to the Environment is growing stronger and stronger year by year. Launching the Eco Earring range 2 years ago and the success of that means I can develop my ideas using recycled materials more and more and let go of more traditional designs using a lot of unsustainable silver. It is such a buzz for me combining my social and environmental beliefs with my business and art, one of those fantastic win-win situations

I am totally inspired with pushing the boundaries of what is possible using the medium of reused bottle glass. I believe we are more inventive than anyone else in the world in this medium and I love experimenting and working out new ways of doing things. Living in nature in such a beautiful place helps of course and the basis of most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings. You can never have too many spirals is my motto but I also enjoy Flowers, Trees and Animals.

I was born in Melbourne and all my family is from Australia but I moved to New Zealand when I was 5. I can even claim a genuine convict in my ancestry, which I understand, is pretty trendy at the moment!

Nick Fient

At the moment I enjoy making various flowers out of glass bottles.  It is quite a process as it involves cutting out a disc, shaping the petals, slumping the shape in a kiln then adding Sterling Silver Petals.

When I am not working, play fighting with my boys takes up most of my time! I am also involved in a charity that runs Rites of Passage events with teenage boys called Tracks and I am a singer/songwriter.

My advice to young designers is always be on the lookout for new and more efficient ways to do things, if you need to spend money on a tool to make things easier then spend it!

My friends would describe me as: handsome, generous, perfect and never grumpy.

Visit Stone Arrow Jewellery


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