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Meet Nick Feint from Stone Arrow

Nick Feint makes a variety of Jewellery from Silver, Copper, Paua, Jade and lately from glass from recycled bottles. His range of eco glass earrings are rapidly becoming his best selling designs.


Stone Arrow Upcycled Glass Earings

I have very strong beliefs in being Socially and Environmentally sustainable. I live on an Intentional Community in New Zealand surrounded by nature and an Environmental ethos is part of my personal as well as my business life. My defining moment came when I realized the more the business grows the more chance it has to contribute back to society. StoneArrow donates a portion of its profits to charity and takes more and more of its materials directly from the waste stream.

recycled bottle

My commitment to the Environment is growing stronger and stronger year by year. Launching the Eco Earring range 2 years ago and the success of that means I can develop my ideas using recycled materials more and more and let go of more traditional designs using a lot of unsustainable silver. It is such a buzz for me combining my social and environmental beliefs with my business and art, one of those fantastic win-win situations

I am totally inspired with pushing the boundaries of what is possible using the medium of reused bottle glass. I believe we are more inventive than anyone else in the world in this medium and I love experimenting and working out new ways of doing things. Living in nature in such a beautiful place helps of course and the basis of most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings. You can never have too many spirals is my motto but I also enjoy Flowers, Trees and Animals.

I was born in Melbourne and all my family is from Australia but I moved to New Zealand when I was 5. I can even claim a genuine convict in my ancestry, which I understand, is pretty trendy at the moment!

Nick Fient

At the moment I enjoy making various flowers out of glass bottles.  It is quite a process as it involves cutting out a disc, shaping the petals, slumping the shape in a kiln then adding Sterling Silver Petals.

When I am not working, play fighting with my boys takes up most of my time! I am also involved in a charity that runs Rites of Passage events with teenage boys called Tracks and I am a singer/songwriter.

My advice to young designers is always be on the lookout for new and more efficient ways to do things, if you need to spend money on a tool to make things easier then spend it!

My friends would describe me as: handsome, generous, perfect and never grumpy.

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